It will be, one more time, an honor for us, who recently received the director of the Fair at our facilities in the north of the country because we drew the attention of the organization in the last edition. It is an increased responsibility and the desire to surprise is entrancing. Presenting our work at a high-quality international show, in a multicultural crossroad of contemporary life, is indeed unique and special!

At Laskasas, comfort comes through the details. For you, and for you, we are constantly evolving, looking for new moments of comfort. For this reason, the Laskasas Store of Maia has at its disposal a panoply of new settings, envolved in simplicity and finesse.

Laskasas became deeply involved in what we propose to do on daily basis: decorate life. This time, we were responsible for the decoration of the VIP area of Portugal Fashion and we could not be prouder.

10 years celebration of diplomatic ties between Monaco and Japan, brings us this year’s Foire de Monaco. The fair is entirely dedicated to honoring this union in an ode to the Japanese country.

Laskasas identified in Xicofran´s passion a sincere and clear form of passing to each object of art, a little more of himself. Over the years, we have been talking to you about dedication, effort and passion. Through Xicofran, we have been able to prove that wanting to be more and better are our statements.

At Laskasas we work everyday for YOU. Yes, for you on that side. For you that, with some distrust, visit us for the first time. For you who surrenders to our design, who trusts in us, who elects us as your preference and returns again and again.

At Laskasas, customer hapiness is our focus. That behing said we develop daily solutions to find the perfect balance between our philosophy and our client’s preference.

Chiado borough in Lisbon has gained a new life, Laskasas store is ready to receive our clients.
A space of excellence, where every customer will be feel like kings and queens, with the assistante of best professionals possible.

Recently, Laskasas opened its store in Chiado, in Lisbon. Countless people attended the event, including Tv host Cristina Ferreira. The space was designed to elevate beauty and elegance to another level.

Our name is Laskasas. We are furniture producers and a decoration brand. We are based in the most prestigious zone, for woodwork in our country: the North of Portugal. In fact, we are more than that.

FIND OUT MORE AT Hall 5B – Stand C23 / D24

Paris – January, 22-26 | 2016